Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to use Specialty Casting as a manufacturer. How do I get started?

Before considering us, please keep in mind we do not offer our services or sell to the general public at manufacturer/wholesale pricing. You must be an established business located in the United States with a valid US tax ID. Your company must also have a valid US physical address. Ship-forwarding and non-physical address (such as a box at a UPS store) cannot be accepted.
Please review our Services page. There may be services you are wanting that we do not do (some mentioned below). Then complete our contact form. We will be in touch to discuss getting setup with us, project details, quantity and terms of production.

I own a jewelry store and would like to sell your products. How do I get started?

You must have a jewelry store located in the United States with a physical storefront. This excludes companies that are doing jewelry sales online only (no physical storefront showroom), individuals doing sales outside of a physical jewelry storefront (such as a home-based business), and pawn shops. If you have a jewelry store, please apply for a wholesaler account by completing our Request an Account form.

I have designed a belt buckle. Does Specialty Casting manufacture belt buckles?

Sorry, we don't do belt buckles.

Is there a minimum number of pieces per order?

There is no minimum number of pieces per order or minimum dollar amount per order of our products (our designs). If Specialty Casting is creating a custom metal die or rubber mold for your product, there is a minimum order of 50 pieces. A 25% production deposit is required on your initial order.

Can I get a sample of my product before production of the minimal quantity?

Yes. We do require the production deposit be paid prior to a sample being created.

Can I just use your 3D CAD services?

Yes. Each job is quoted separately. A non-refundable deposit is required for first-time customers. Depending on the complexity of the project, the deposit can range from $50 to $300. Renderings of the 3D CAD are sent for approval prior to delivery of any CAD files or 3D model printed.

Are there discount rates for large quantities?


What are the payment methods you accept and payment terms?

  • We accept credit cards, bank transfer, business and cashier checks for payment
  • For a new customer, once invoiced, payment prior to shipping is required on your first order
  • Net 30 terms for "good standing" customers that we invoice for custom projects and services
  • Once we create an invoice, you will receive an email to pay with credit card or bank transfer. Net 30 invoices can also be paid by check or money order.
  • Failure to pay Net 30 invoices on time, payment will be required prior to shipping on future orders

I have an online store (such as selling through eBay, Etsy or a website) only and do not have a physical store. Can I buy from you or have you manufacture pieces for me?

No. We sell our product lines to qualified retail stores that have a physical store front. If you have products you would like us to manufacturer, please note that we do not manufacture for companies that only have an online presence. We manufacture for companies that are established jewelry stores with one or more physical locations.

Can I send you a CAD file for a "custom job" for you to manufacture a single copy?

You must be a retailer that we have done business with in the past. Otherwise, there is a 50 piece minimum order and a deposit required. We will review your CAD file and let you know if it can be 3D printed, cast and even set before we will begin manufacturing from a CAD file that is provided.

What metals do you cast?

Sterling silver, white gold, green gold, rose gold and yellow gold. 10kt, 14kt, 18kt in gold. If wanting something cast in platinum, we use another casting company. Platinum jobs may require an additional 7-14 business days to turnaround.

What metals do you NOT cast?

We do NOT cast in brass, bronze, pewter ... just to name a few. We only cast in gold and sterling silver.

Do you gold plate silver?

Minimum order for gold plated silver is 50 pieces. Turnaround on gold plated silver is quoted per job.

Do you rhodium plate?

We rhodium plate gold pieces. White rhodium and black rhodium plating are available.

Can I send in a bunch of old gold or platinum jewelry to be used in casting of new jewelry?

We don't use old metal for casting new jewelry. This is because of impurities in the old metal can cause pitting and other flaws in the new cast piece. This can end up in timely and costly repairs of casting flaws in a new piece. To insure quality, we don't cast old metal. So, we accept old gold and platinum only as trade-in credit towards an order.

Can I send in old silver to be used in casting new jewelry or as trade-in credit?
No. Only gold and platinum are accepted as trade-in credit towards an order.

Can I send you items just to finish?

Generally no. We finish items we cast. On rare occasional we will accept items from another established casting house to do the finishing.

Can my order have a higher priority to be completed faster because I promised my customer product by a certain date?

Within reason. If you have a deadline date, it must be provided when the job/order is submitted to us. There may be an added rush/express fee (see below on delivery time on order). Each customer is treated the same and orders are processed and manufactured based upon when we receive the order and job approval date (if necessary). Recurring phone calls, text messages and/or emails requesting for order updates may lead to your order being delayed or account termination.

What is your delivery time for orders?

  • If you require a price estimate for a project before we begin, it must be requested up front and approved before we move forward with your project. Estimates are commonly provided within 1-2 business days, but at times may require up to 5 business days to get necessary details to provide an estimate.
  • Rubber molding (vulcanized and RTV) turnaround is within 15 business days. If we are casting a piece to use as a master for rubber molding, this time does not include casting. Casting and master model cleanup can require an additional 10-20 business days. Additional pre/post-mold wax/model-preparation fees may be added.
  • CAD usually takes 2-10 business days. If you are providing stones, they must be provided before CAD begins. 3D renders of the CAD model are provided for approval (if required). Revisions are made prior to 3D printing. However, a 3D printed model can be sent for approval. Excessive revisions may cause delays and additional fees.
  • 3D printing is usually 2-4 business days after the model or render is approved for manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing (casting, polishing, assembly, stone setting, engraving) for most orders is completed within 10 to 20 business days (2-4 weeks) for production of pieces we have made before. Larger items can have a 10 business day minimum, up to a 30 business day maximum turnaround.
  • Items are shipped insured USPS Priority (2-4 days) or Priority Express (1-2 days). UPS or FedEx available if you email us a label and/or need the items faster than what USPS can deliver to your location.
  • Larger quantity orders or larger items may require additional time.
  • Rush/express jobs are subject to additional fees. If an order is needed in under our regular turnaround time, we can expedite it for a 30% express fee.

Tell me more about the "Rush/Express" job turnaround

  • If you have a deadline date, it must be provided when the job/order is submitted to us. If submitted after noon CST, the job starts the following business day.
  • If a price quote is required up front, we will provide it on the first business day of the express job. There is a $25 express quote fee (to get in the front of the line). The quote must be approved before we continue.
  • If custom stones are being provided, stones must be provided before CAD begins.
  • Depending on design requirements and time requested, express same day CAD up to within 2 days is available. If CAD renderings required for approval, we must be informed of approval before we continue.
  • Express 3D printing is done in 1-2 days.
  • Rubber molding (vulcanized and RTV) express turnaround is 2-4 business days
  • Manufacturing:
    • Express on casting and finishing is 3-4 business days. Platinum casting not available for rush jobs.
    • Express on stone setting and any assembly is 1-3 business days.
    • Engraving is not available on express jobs
  • CAD + 3D Print + Manufacturing express turnaround: 6-11 business days
  • If we have a mold of a piece already, just manufacturing express turnaround: 4-7 business days
  • Items are shipped insured USPS Priority Express (1-2 days in most cases). UPS or FedEx Overnight is available upon request.

Can I send you stones to set in blank pieces?

If we are manufacturing your product, setting stones you ship to us may be an option. There is an additional charge to set stones you provide. If you are wanting to send us stones and a mounting that we did not make, in some cases we will accept it, but there are additional stone setting fees for 3rd party stones and pieces. We recommend sending additional stones when supplying melee stones. If there is any breakage when setting, if extra stones are not available, it can delay completion.

What stones do you offer?

Genuine, lab created and even simulated. Below is a common list:
amethyst, aquamarine, cameo, citrine, created alexandrite, created emerald, created ruby, created sapphire, cubic zirconia, diamond, emerald, garnet, green tourmaline, iolite, london blue topaz, moissanite, onyx, opal, pearl, peridot, pink topaz, pink tourmaline, rhodolite garnet, ruby, sapphire, swiss blue topaz, tanzanite.
Let us know if there are specific gemstones or cuts you are wanting.

If I have Specialty Casting do custom die work for me who owns the copyright?

Specialty Casting would be considered a co-author of the item because of the die creation process. We will sign over copy rights. Please review the custom die work page.

Does Specialty Casting charge extra for white gold, green gold or rose gold?

No. There is no extra charge.

What 3D file formats for 3D printing do you require?

We can work with many formats. STL files or 3dm file are recommended. If the 3D model is not air-tight, there may be a small fee to repair the model prior to 3D printing.